03/10/2016 12:49 EST | Updated 03/11/2016 07:59 EST

Trudeau Children: Hadrien Gives POTUS High-Five In The Oval Office

Since Justin Trudeau and his family arrived in Washington on Wednesday, many compliments have been exchanged between the prime minister and the U.S. president. However, the cutest moment had to be in the Oval Office on Thursday.

Trudeau's three children, Xavier, Ella-Grace and Hadrien joined their parents in the Oval Office to meet the president of the United States and the First Lady. In this adorable photo, Hadrien is giving POTUS his signature high-five.

The entire family joined Prime Minister Trudeau on his first trip to the U.S. since taking office. Of course, they started winning American hearts as soon as they stepped off the plane.

Actually, Hadrien captured our attention even before he got off the plane.

The three children are no doubt welcome at the White House. Both Barack and Michelle Obama are known for their love of kids. And thanks to the hashtag #ObamaAndKids on Twitter, there is no shortage of photographic evidence of sweet exchanges with the president.

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