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WATCH: 5 Eyeliner Hacks That Will Help You Master The Cat Eye

Yes, clinching your toes DOES help create the perfect winged eye!

Eyeliner: it's the most feared makeup product on the market.

Ahhhhh. (Via @orchidteablogs)

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For many of us, our relationship with eyeliner is a rocky one. We want to believe we can create the perfect winged eye, just like our favourite Instagram makeup gurus do, but the moment that felt tip touches our eyelid, uncertainty kicks into gear. Liquid spills across our eyelids and the wings we concentrated so hard on creating end up looking straight up hideous. Oh, and did we mention it's eyeliner that usually makes us late for work? Yeah, it's harder than it looks (cue the tears).

In the video above, ModaMob shares five incredible hacks that all of us lazy girls will appreciate when it comes to creating that perfectly winged liner. From simply covering up mistakes with concealer to clinching your toes when tracing lines (yup, an industry secret! Shh!), watch the video above for all the top tips, and may your eyeliner forever be on point!

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