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Bryan Adams Says 1946 Guitar 'Defaced' By Egyptian Airport Officials

Even international rock stars have frustrating run-ins with airport customs.

Canadian singer and guitarist Bryan Adams was furious after discovering a scrawled number in neon green marker on a vintage guitar he claims was detained by Egyptian airport authorities, the Guardian reports.

The "Summer of '69" singer vented his frustration on Instagram, sharing a photo of the mark on his Martin D-18, calling it graffiti. Adams originally posted that his prized guitar was from 1957, but the caption has since been updated to 1946. At any rate, the instrument is worth thousands of dollars.

Adams intends to have the damage repaired, but he told NBC News over Facebook that the problem with the mark is that the exterior of instruments this old is "fragile." Every instrument down to his harmonicas had similar marks, he said.

"We almost didn't get the equipment into the country, and when we did it was all marked like this," Adams also told Agence France-Presse over Facebook.

Cairo airport's director of customs Jamal Turki, however, denied that the incident happened at the airport. He told NBC News that writing on equipment is not their practice and says maybe it happened at Adams' hotel.

This isn't the first time the singer has had his instruments marked. In 2015, Adams tweeted Air Canada to get answers about a number inked in pen that appeared on another guitar following a flight.

Adams has been touring for his new album "Get Up", and was in Egypt for a performance at the Pyramids of Giza. Fans from Egypt quickly offered their apologies and insisted that he is loved in the country. Adams took to Facebook to thank his "Egyptian friends" for their kind words.

Apart from this customs incident, Adams says they had a great time, writing "I want you all to know that I love your country and we had an amazing time there, we felt at home."

TO ALL MY EGYPTIAN FRIENDS: Thank you for writing about the guitar, I really appreciate it, it will be fixed no problem....

Posted by Bryan Adams on Friday, March 11, 2016

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