Meet Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau's Parents: Jean Grégoire and Estelle Blais

Grégoire-Trudeau has said her mother helped nurture her empathy.

The Obamas and Trudeaus hit it off at the state dinner in Washington D.C. last week, and the affair included the Trudeaus' extended family.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's mother Margaret was in attendance on Thursday for her second state dinner (her first was with then-husband and prime minister Pierre in 1977). But two faces you may not have expected were Trudeau's in-laws, Jean Grégoire and Estelle Blais.

It's uncommon for the prime minister to invite in-laws along for the affair, and the National Post commented Trudeau may be the first world leader to ever do it.

For many, it was the first public introduction to Grégoire-Trudeau's parents. Trudeau noted how touched he was to have his in-laws there, adding, "Get a load of Estelle, I’m looking forward to the future with Sophie."

The resemblanceis striking:

Grégoire-Trudeau is an only child. Jean Grégoire is a stockbroker and Estelle Blais is a former nurse. Sophie grew up in, Mount Royal, and neighbourhood of Montreal.

Her parents have been a great support system for Grégoire-Trudeau, who says she had an loving childhood.

In 2013, La Presse reported she was sad to move to Ottawa when Trudeau won leadership of the Liberal Party, particularly because it meant moving from Mount Royal, and further away from her parents.

In an interview with Canadian Family, Grégoire-Trudeau says her mother helped her realize the importance of empathy toward others, which influenced her own charity work and advocacy for women's rights.

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