03/14/2016 05:37 EDT | Updated 03/14/2016 05:59 EDT

America's Most Expensive Zip Codes Show What You Can't Afford In Every State

You probably already know how difficult it is to buy real estate in Canadian cities.

And seeing as you're here, you're probably also curious about what you can (or can't) afford down south.

GOBankingRates, a site that provides information about interest rates throughout America, has the low-down.

It put together a list of the most expensive zip codes in every U.S. state last month, using data from real estate site Zillow.

Forbes compiled a similar list last year, and there was definitely some overlap, especially at number one. Business Insider also put together a list earlier this month, but this is still food for thought.

Here are the 10 most expensive zip codes in the United States, with links to homes available for sale in each:

10) Sullivan's Island, S.C.: 29482

Median housing value: $1,476,100

sullivans island

9) Chilmark, Mass.: 02535

Median housing value: $1,496,000


8) Kenilworth, Ill.: 60043

Median housing value: $1,511,400


7) Aspen, Colo.: 81611

Median housing value: $1,580,100


6) Greenwich, Conn.: 06830

Median housing value: $1,614,500


5) Medina, Wash.: 98039

Median housing value: $2,226,300


4) Alpine, N.J.: 07620

Median housing value: $2,809,300

alpine new jersey

3) Fisher Island, Fla.: 33109

Median housing value: $3,212,200

fisher island

2) Water Mill, N.Y.: 11976

Median housing value: $3,320,700

water mill

1) Atherton, Calif: 94027

Median housing value: $6,351,700

atherton california

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