03/14/2016 12:56 EDT | Updated 03/14/2016 12:59 EDT

Is A 'Gilmore Girls' Wedding On The Horizon?

There might be a "Gilmore Girls" wedding in the works, if this Warner Brothers Studio set tag is to be trusted.

On a tour of the famous Stars Hollow set, lucky fan Jordan McKamie stumbled across the sign on an ornate lamp in prop storage. The tag is dated for March 18, which leaves many of us wondering it will be used in the upcoming Netflix reboot later this year.

The four-episode reunion series is seeing the return of many fan favourites including all of Rory's ex-boyfriends. Which makes us wonder, could Rory be getting married to a familiar face?

Then again, a Luke and Lorelai wedding is also on our wishlist, considering it should have happened years ago.

Do you think a Gilmore girl is getting hitched or is this a just a production crew trick? Let us know in the comments below.

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