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March Break Ideas For Those Of Us Who Aren't At Disney

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Looking at my Instagram feed, every parent I know seems to be either at Disney or on a beach for March Break. While I'm happy for them (and more than a little jealous), that's not the reality in my house. I've got two kids who are guaranteed to be saying "I'm bored" by day two. So what's a mom to do? Ask other parents!

A quick search past my own feed revealed some fun, easy and FREE ideas that are sure to fill your March Break with good memories and not a large credit card bill in April. Enjoy!

1. Skating

Lots of skating rinks offer free family skate times. Check your local listings.

Skating ❄️⛸! #marchbreak #friends #skating

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2. Pajama Day!

Spend all day in your onesies and PJs. Add a "crazy hair day" theme for even more fun. Get some fun hair ideas here.

3. Build a fort

And relive your own childhood.

4. Go swimming

It might not be the beach or the ocean, but community pools offer free swims. Check your local listings for times and dates!

Weekend #staycation for #MarchBreak

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5. Find a sugar bush

March is maple syrup season. Go visit a local farm to find out how it's made (and for some taste testing).

6. Play board games

March Break is the perfect time to break out all your favourite games from the closet.

7. Bake something sweet

Here are 14 two-ingredient dessert recipes for inspiration!

Mix it, mash it, pour it. #mixsomethingsweetmonday #marchbreak2016

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8. Go bowling

Nothing says retro March Break like bowling. A lot of alleys have bumpers and other aids to let even the littlest kids knock down a pin or two.

Bowling with my boys! #marchbreak2016

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9. Spa day!

Break out the bubbles and nail polish and have a fun DIY pampering session at home.

Jacuzzi tubbin' on #marchbreak2016 #addiebobatty

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10. Brunch

Take your kids for a decadent brunch. It's cheaper than going out for dinner and so luxurious to eat out in the middle of the day.

Our favourite little crêperie in Montréal. ❤️ #tradition #montreal #marchbreak2016

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11. Go for a nature walk

Whether or not you still have snow, you can head out in to nature and explore. Better yet, have a nature scavenger hunt. Here's a free printable to take with you!

Love this :) #threelittleboys #havingfun #marchbreak2016

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12. Get crafty

With Easter and St. Patrick's Day, there's no shortage of craft inspiration this week.

March Break craftiness! #marchbreak2016

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13. Find free activities in your town or city

Community centres and businesses are sure to be hosting a lot of free events over March Break.

14. DIY Cupcakes

If you don't feel like baking from scratch, break out the mix and let your kids have fun decorating their own cupcakes.

15. Indoor picnic

You can pretend it's summer and have a special indoor picnic. Here are some fun snack ideas to help.

Picnic and campfire #marchbreak2016

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16. Visit your local library

If you haven't been to the library recently, this is the perfect week to check it out. Let your kids explore, listen to readings and choose as many books as they can carry!

He loves building. #TheLibrary #MarchBreak2016 #KidsPlay #Lego #Duplo

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