03/14/2016 08:23 EDT | Updated 03/14/2016 08:59 EDT

Men's Fashion Trends: The Hottest Styles For Spring 2016

For those who follow menswear closely, men’s clothing has never looked less like… well, menswear. The 20th century traditions of suits during the week, and Bermuda shorts and polos on the weekend are rapidly fading into memories of a more boring past.

Spurred by a number of factors, including relaxed office dress codes, more creative-based jobs for men, liberal millennial values and increased spending by guys on their gear, menswear is undergoing a renaissance. Canadian menswear spending alone is expected to reach $8.4 billion by 2017, with Toronto and Vancouver both sporting their own men’s fashion weeks.

Perhaps most important though is men are increasingly embracing their feminine sides and the cultural shift is expressing itself through fashion. For spring 2016, the shorts are getting shorter, there are punches of pink and androgyny abounds. Heck, even Zara has come out with a unisex line.

While gender fluidity may be in Vogue this season (both figuratively and literally), that’s not to say traditionalists should retire their credit cards until the fall. Bomber jackets and pinstripes add a decidedly masculine element to spring 2016’s mix.

See all of spring 2016’s menswear trends for yourself in the slideshow below.

Men's Spring 2016 Fashion Trends

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