03/15/2016 12:30 EDT | Updated 03/15/2016 12:59 EDT

Alberta Signs Low-Carbon Economy Agreement With U.K.

Jeff McIntosh/CP

CALGARY — The Alberta government has signed an agreement with the United Kingdom that focuses on creating jobs and working together on low-carbon technology.

Energy Minister Margaret McCuaig-Boyd says the two governments plan to bring together industry, innovators and other stakeholders.

The aim is to increase renewable energies, promote energy efficiency and reduce harmful emissions.

Howard Drake, British high commissioner to Canada, says the U.K. wants to help Alberta meet its environmental challenges.

He says, in return, his country will take advantage of Alberta's regulatory and performance standards in areas such as shale gas development.

Neither McCuaig-Boyd nor Drake could specify what kinds of jobs could grow out of the agreement.

"As we look together on possibilities ... hopefully there will be areas of interest together where there's investment or collaboration and that will turn into jobs,'' McCuaig-Boyd said Tuesday.

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