DST: Kids Prove The Time Change Hangover Is Real

The struggle is real.

Every spring, we get hit by the start of Daylight Saving Time. The clock moves forward, we lose an hour of sleep and we're exhausted. Even the number of car accidents increase.

But no one suffers from the fatigue like parents. Because kids and their internal clocks really don't get the whole time change thing.

As parents, we're already tired. Like really tired. And then to have the time change?!?!?

No, like really. This is for reals. Can I schedule this? #daylightsavingsproblems

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After DST starts, we have to convince our kids it's bedtime even though it's still light out. (Good luck with that.)

"But mommy, look how light. I'm not tired." #daylightsavingsproblems

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And when it's time to wake up, it's still dark out.

Which makes getting up all the harder.

Early morning Band days. We'd much rather still be sleeping. #daylightsavingsproblems

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Just five more minutes, mom.

[2016.03.14] Day 51/365 1. Daylight Savings, Spring Forward! ☀️Seriously, it's the hard thing to adjust for a night owl like me!!! 😆 But it sure is nice being able to walk out and have an extra hour of the sunlight! But I wanna stay up longer!!! 😭😫😭 2. Daylight Savings 1: Kim boys 0. These boys' bodies couldn't fight the time change! #C1 wanted to nap right after we came home and #C2 refused to nap again and found him on the stairs sprawled out!!! And even after they woke up from their naps, they were all over me wanting to be babied! Lol 👶🏻 I'm so grateful to watch these boys adjust to the new time as I'm struggling myself as well! Love doing life together with these precious kids! 3. I was heading out the door at 7:45am, which was 6:45am just two days ago, and I was beating myself up why I schedule such early appointments and many meetings in the morning of daylight savings!!! And then, my next appt got cancelled!!! How delighted I was to hear of last min cancellation!!! 😁☺️😝 So grateful for the cancellation today! 4. Camping!⛺️ These boys love bringing all their blankets and pillows and stuff animals over to our room and spread them all out and call it a camping style to do sleep over in our room! 😩 Maybe because they never slept with us when they were infants, but they definitely sleep better on the floor in our room than on their queen bed/bunk bed! So grateful that they want to be next to us all the time! 5. When hubby comes home today. 🌌 He didn't get to see the boys go down today but he came home today! 😌Sometimes he comes home the next day bc he's so busy at work! But today, I'm grateful he came home before the clock struck 12! 🕛 #the365gratitudeproject #thankful #gratitudechallenge #thekimfamilystory #gratitudechangeseverything #감사 #dailyjournal #journal #일기장 #일기 #낮잠 #daylightsavings #daylightsavingsproblems #cuddling #boyswillbeboys #mamaboy #siblinglove #아들바보 #아들엄마 #엄마스타그램 #엄마와아들 #naps #졸음 #꿀잠

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So they start falling asleep... anywhere.


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Dylan was having a hard time waking up this morning! #sleepyhead #daylightsavingsproblems

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#daylightsavings #daylightsavingsproblems 😴

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Screwing up their naps and bedtime.

How I think we all feel today...#daylightsavingsproblems #morecoffeeplease #naptime

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"I'm just going to rest a little, Mama..." #threehourslater #daylightsavingsproblems #notgoingtosleeptonight

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They should rename today, my child won't nap day! #daylightsavingsproblems #ijustwanttoshower

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And we're left with the question: Let them sleep or wake them up?

As parents, we'd give anything for a nap. But that's not in our cards. So instead...


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Proof Kids Can Fall Asleep Anywhere