03/15/2016 05:26 EDT | Updated 03/15/2016 05:59 EDT

St. Patrick's Day Outfits: How To Wear Green And Still Look Chic

If there's one thing we know in this life, it's this: wearing green on St. Patrick's Day is really hard.

Yes, they say we're ALL Irish on St. Paddy's Day and wearing green is highly encouraged (and it's even the easiest day to wear green, as Jimmy Fallon points out), but what if you own a closet that solely consists of black sweaters? Then things are bound to get hard, right?

Well, not really. With the luck of the Irish on your side (and a trip to the mall), you can easily pull off that green-on-green outfit if you find the right pieces to suit your style.

Whether it's bell skirts or peplum tops, Irish hues are fun colours to have in your wardrobe. Pair envious green shades with leather leggings and sheer white tops for a subtle statement. Layer your green button-up shirts with striped or solid dresses for that laid-back look, or go even more bold with a daring jumpsuit.

If green isn't your thing AT ALL, choose simple green accessories instead of clothing items. From hats to scarves, faint green details can take your minimal black and white outfit a long way.

And to really avoid getting pinched on the festive day, pair your shamrock greens with white, black and gold accents — whether that be shoes, jewelry, handbags or belts.

Now get ready to jig this coming Mar. 17th and check out these stylish outfits for inspo below!

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