03/15/2016 11:47 EDT | Updated 03/15/2016 11:59 EDT

Lamont Thieves Steal Tractor, Smash Servus Credit Union

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LAMONT, Alta. — RCMP are searching for five suspects they believe tried to steal an ATM from a financial institution by using a stolen tractor and truck.

And they say the crime may be linked to a string of other ATM thefts, including one where a stolen garbage truck was used to smash into a building in Thorsby, Alta.

The botched theft happened in the wee hours of Monday morning in the town of Lamont, Alta., and was captured on videotape by a passerby.

RCMP say the suspects stole a tractor from the nearby Lamont Farm Centre and used it to ram a Servus Credit Union.

The front wall of the building was almost completely destroyed, but the videotape shows the would-be thieves and the tractor getting stuck in the debris.

Both the stolen tractor, another truck that had been stolen from a nearby home and the ATM were found at the scene, though they couldn't say if any money had been removed.

"A reasonable person could believe that they would've had to have planned this, they would've known where to get the tractor from and pre-planned getting a stolen truck as well,'' said Const. Sean Morris with the Fort Saskatchewan RCMP.

ATM thefts and attempts have become so rampant in the province the Mounties have dedicated a team of officers to investigate.

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