03/15/2016 04:06 EDT | Updated 03/15/2016 04:59 EDT

Michael Connolly Apologizes For Flipping The Bird During Legislature Debate

Michael Connolly/Facebook

EDMONTON — A backbench NDP member has apologized to the Alberta legislature for making an obscene gesture at an opposition member.

Calgary Hawkwood MLA Michael Connolly also admits that when he was initially accused of doing so, he mislead the house by denying it.

Connolly says his actions do not befit the dignity of the legislature.

It was last Thursday during heated debated over the government jobs policy that the Wildrose opposition said Connolly "flipped the bird'' in their direction.

Connolly initially denied it in the house, saying he was just waving his hand.

But he admitted to it today after a table officer in the house saw him make the gesture.

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