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Breast Pumps Haven't Changed In 20 Years, Until Now

A company has finally reimagined the breast pump for “modern, superhero moms” -- because it’s 2016.

Breast pumps today are outdated, but necessary. That’s why one company has reimagined a new and improved version that will revolutionize the way mothers pump milk.

The company Babyation has invented a breast pump for “modern, superhero moms” because it’s 2016. The reimagined product was truly made for the modern woman, as it can be controlled through an app on your smart phone and is completely customizable.

Not only that, but the new breast pump has a completely different design that will allow mothers to pump comfortably and discreetly anywhere, anytime. Instead of having the bottles hang off the breasts, the new design uses breast shields that can fit inside a bra.

Take a look at the comparison:

After spending two years refining their design, Babyation created a prototype and launched a Kickstarter campaign to make its invention a reality. So far, the company has made $39,000 of the $50,000 goal.

The company was initially inspired to create a new breast pump after one of its founders read a New York Times blog that posed the question: shouldn't the breast pump be as elegant as an iPhone and quiet as a Prius by now?

Since then, Babyation has been determined to come up with a solution to the outdated product.

The breast pump was invented in 1854. Originally, they were only available in hospitals to help women with inverted nipples or to help feed premature babies.

The product used today only became widely available to mothers 20 years ago. But the actual pump hasn't changed much since. Pumps are loud, and they force mothers to retreat to a private area and take off their shirt before using.

Babyation argues that this “literally creates a barrier between a woman and the world around her – at work, home or anywhere in between.” So the company is introducing its new design, which has been validated by a pediatrician, who is also a lactation consultant, through the Kickstarter campaign.

If the new product hits the market next year as planned, the only downside will be its cost.

Mashable reports that the new pump will cost roughly $584. Babyation co-founder Sam Rudolph said, “Our research has indicated that moms will be willing to pay a slight premium for the revolutionary features our pump offers.”

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