Cher Age: Singer Reveals Her Timelessness Comes From Mom

Impressive genes!

Cher recently tweeted a photo that proves her family is truly able to turn back time.

In the picture, the singer, who turns 70 in May, is standing beside her mom, Georgia Holt, who will turn 90 in June. In the caption, she says Holt isn't even wearing any makeup.

In a later tweet, Cher says her grandma had beautiful skin, too. She also says she didn't edit the picture at all (but she would have removed her mom's wrinkles, if she could have.)

Despite her good genes, Cher is not a fan of aging: “It’s a bitch. I don’t like it," she said in an interview with The New York Times. "Anyone who says they do is lying. Or they don’t have my work.”

Both she and her mom work at their good looks. They both believe in staying fit: "My mother was still going to the gym in her 80s," the singer told The Express. "I have always worked out in the hope that I stay fit and youthful. The years go by so quickly, you just have to make the most of them.”

And what about plastic surgery? Cher openly admits that she's had work done, but not as much as you'd think. “I have had my t***, nose and teeth done but nothing else," she told The Express.

Clearly, she gets her best assets from her mom.


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