03/17/2016 08:20 EDT | Updated 03/18/2017 05:12 EDT

Coke, Pepsi Plan To Fight Montreal On A Possible Plastic Water Bottle Ban

A ban would limit consumers' right to choose, lobby says.


Coke, Pepsi and Nestlé are among the corporations ready to take on Montreal's proposed ban on plastic water bottles.

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre hinted last month that the city will target banning plastic bottles following its move to ban plastic bags by 2018.

The Canadian Beverage Association, which represents more than 60 brands, signed up for Quebec's registry of lobbyists in early March, Radio-Canada has learned.

The association says bottles are safe and convenient for consumers, and that banning them would restrict their right to choose. 

It also notes the bottles are 100 per cent recyclable across Quebec.

Coke, Pepsi and Nestlé all own water bottle companies.