03/17/2016 02:14 EDT | Updated 03/18/2017 05:12 EDT

IKEA Canada Recalls Gothem Lamps Over Electric Shock Risk

BURLINGTON, Ont. — IKEA Canada has received three reports that one brand of table and floor lamps may cause electrical shocks.

The retailer says it hasn't received any report of injury but is recalling all three models of Gothem lamps.

gothem lamp

Ikea Canada issued a recall of its Gothem series lamps. (Photo: Ikea Canada)

It says customers should immediately stop using the lamps and return them to any IKEA store for a full refund. Proof of purchase won't be required.

The Gothem lamps have been sold by IKEA since last October.

About 1,260 pieces have been sold in Canada and 53,000 worldwide.

IKEA says the metal body of the lamps can become electrified if the cables are damaged.


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