03/17/2016 16:17 EDT | Updated 03/18/2017 01:12 EDT

Saskatchewan NDP making promises to families, seniors in full campaign platform

SASKATOON — An NDP government in Saskatchewan would cut the number of cabinet ministers, political staff and outside consultants to help trim $178 million from the budget.

The NDP's full campaign platform for the April 4 election also includes promises that the party says will help families and seniors.

The single biggest promise is for $95 million over four years for home care, largely to hire more staff.

Another includes a cap on class sizes from kindergarten to Grade 2 at about 20 students, although the number would need to be worked out with school boards.

The NDP also says it would boost the seniors income plan and raise the minimum wage to $11.25 this year.

The party's fiscal plan projects a deficit of $189.4 this year, followed by a small, but growing surplus over the next three years.

The Canadian Press