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Tranquility Cove Adventures, P.E.I Tourism Company, To Sell Fog As Keepsake

Don't all rush to P.E.I. at once!

If you're making a trip to the east coast, you'll want to leave room for some fog in your suitcase.

P.E.I.-based tourism company Tranquility Cove Adventures is in the final phases of launching two products for visitors to buy as keepsakes of their trip.

The first is canned sand from P.E.I. beaches. The second is fog. You know, that cloud of haze that makes it different to see the road when you're driving.

Perry Gotell, who owns the company, told CBC News the products are set to make their debut in May.

"On the foggy days you'll see me down at the end of the wharf with my can arm. We'll be canning P.E.I. fog and we'll be selling that to the tourists also," he said.

Cans of sand and fog will be sold at a price between $5 and $10 in tin cans. But fog will be sold in smaller quantities.

New for 2016 PEI Beach Sand. Take a little piece of PEI home. Tranquility Cove Adventures

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"We don't want to get it so that when they open up a can, that you can't see your way around a room," Gotell said.

While Gotell's idea to retail fog may be, um, questionable, he won't have a shortage of potential buyers.

Tranquility Cove Adventures, which offers services such as deep sea fishing, starfish hunting and a private beach for weddings, has a perfect rating of five stars on TripAdvisor.

"We don't want to get it so that when they open up a can, that you can't see your way around a room."

Time will tell if Gotell's souvenirs have a demand, but he's not the first to dive into the business of selling air. An Alberta company's already beat him to it by selling bottled air from the Rocky Mountains.

The idea to sell air is also being tested in highly polluted cities in China, where clean air is quickly becoming a luxury.

So maybe Gotell is jumping into the fog and air market right on time?

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