03/18/2016 01:26 EDT | Updated 03/18/2016 01:59 EDT

The A4 Waist Challenge Has Girls Measuring Their Waists To A Piece Of Paper


What if we told you that a new (and horrifying) trend is emerging out of China that's challenging girls to compare their bodies to a piece of paper?

Pretty ridiculous, right? Totally. But here's the issue: this viral trend is actually a thing and it's called the A4 waist challenge.

The frightening new social media fad, which originated in February from the Chinese site Weibo, sees young women measuring their waistlines against a standard piece of A4 paper and seeing if their body is smaller than the sheet (which is just 21 cm in width, FYI). And if it is "successful," women post a selfie onto Instagram or Twitter along with the hashtag #A4waist.

"I’m a size smaller than A4. I’m A5," one Weibo user boasted.

"Well I guess I deserve another scoop of ice cream after all," another wrote on Instagram along with an image of a piece of paper completely covering her bodice.

So what's the purpose of the challenge? To show how slim you are, according to People's Daily Online.

A4waste😃 #a4waist #spring #march #keepfit #fitness

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And with that, the criticism, mockery and stand against the challenged commenced all over the Internet:

This "challenge" comes after many young girls have expressed their desire to obtain a thigh gap, reach their belly button from behind their backs and crevice a pen under their breast.

As if young women needed more pressure...

Consider us NOT a fan of this viral challenge (*files away with Kylie Jenner Lip challenge and condom challenge*)

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