03/18/2016 04:00 EDT | Updated 03/19/2017 01:12 EDT

Citing anger against former colleague, ex-Sask Party MLA runs as independent

A small crack has appeared in the ranks of the Saskatchewan Party during the campaign for the April 4 election.

In the riding of Kindersley, former Saskatchewan Party MLA Jason Dearborn has announced he will run as an independent against his former colleague, Energy Minister Bill Boyd.

Dearborn, who was elected in 2003 and quit politics in 2007, was replaced in the riding by Boyd but says he is angry over the controversial Global Transportation Hub land deal and Boyd's use of government aircraft.

The NDP has said documents accessed through the freedom of information law show that Boyd spent nearly $400,000 on government flights including having a plane pick him up and drop him off at his home in southern Saskatchewan.

Boyd is also the minister responsible for the GTH, a Crown corporation that bought more than 82 hectares of land west of Regina at a cost the NDP says was more than three times the appraised value.

Dearborn announced his campaign after submitting a statement to RCMP about the land deal and requesting an investigation by the Mounties.



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