03/18/2016 16:20 EDT | Updated 03/19/2017 01:12 EDT

Head of France's Front national visiting Quebec for several days

MONTREAL — The head of France's right-wing Front national party is kicking off a week-long tour of Quebec and the French islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon.

Marine Le Pen announced on her website she was to land in Montreal on Friday and hold a news conference in the city Tuesday morning.

Her schedule states she'll also hold a news conference on Sunday, but it does not include the location.

Le Pen will be in Quebec City on Monday and plans to be in Saint Pierre and Miquelon on Thursday.

The French politician, whose party has been described by its critics as xenophobic due to its strong stance against mass immigration to France, does not have any official visits with Canadian politicians on her agenda.

No major federal or provincial party contacted by The Canadian Press said it has plans to talk or meet with Le Pen.



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