03/18/2016 13:04 EDT | Updated 03/19/2017 01:12 EDT

Press gallery should control access to Alberta legislature media events: report

EDMONTON — A review into who should be allowed to ask questions at Alberta legislature news conferences says reporters should decide for themselves.

Retired Canadian Press journalist Heather Boyd recommends that decisions about accreditation should be made by the legislature's press gallery, which consists of reporters who regularly cover politics.

Boyd says the gallery should consider some form of administrative support from the legislature if it doesn't have the resources to vet new applicants and enforce rules.

Questions arose last month after the NDP government refused to admit a reporter from a conservative website called The Rebel run by political commentator Ezra Levant.

The government changed its mind after complaints from the public and members of the media.

Boyd's report found that press galleries across the country are grappling with similar issues as online outlets and social media blur old distinctions between reporters and the public they serve.