03/18/2016 02:40 EDT | Updated 03/18/2016 02:59 EDT

Rihanna Reveals To Vogue She Wishes She Wore A Bedazzled Thong With Her CFDA Dress

And the fact that she DIDN'T wear it.

It's been almost two years since Rihanna gifted the world with her 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards gown (which may be better know as the "naked dress"). And we admit, not a day goes by where we don't think about that dress and how it left little to the imagination...

We mean, c'mon. The Adam Selman fishnet dress, which was fitted to perfection and covered in 200,000 Swarovski crystals, is now iconic. Rihanna even twerked braless in it, so who could possibly forget it?

But in her April 2016 Vogue cover story, the 28-year-old Barbadian pop star explains to Abby Aguirre that she does have regrets about the dress. And they're regrets that will haunt her forever.

She first tells the glossy why she decided to forgo a bra:

"I just liked it better without the lines underneath. Could you imagine the CFDA dress with a bra? I would slice my throat," she says.

Then she spills on the regret:

"I already wanted to, for wearing a thong that wasn't bedazzled. That's the only regret I have in my life."

"Wearing a thong that wasn't bedazzled is your greatest regret in life?" asks Aguirre, for clarification.

"To the CFDA Awards. Yes," Rihanna confessed.

So there you have it. Riri's biggest and only regret in life — a bedazzled thong.

BRB, bedazzling everything we own now! #noregrets2016

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