03/18/2016 13:37 EDT | Updated 03/19/2017 01:12 EDT

Salvage crew successfully refloats grounded barge from Victoria waterfront

VICTORIA — A huge barge that has wallowed on Victoria's waterfront for almost three weeks has finally been hauled off the beach.

A marine salvage company says it took advantage of the high tide Thursday night to pull the barge from the rocks off the Dallas Road foreshore, along Victoria's southern shore.

Heavy Metal Marine says the barge is now docked and is being assessed for damage.

It was loaded with construction debris when it, and a second barge, broke their tow lines during a powerful windstorm March 2, while being towed out of the Inner Harbour.

Both barges ran aground, but crews were able to refloat one the next day, and salvage experts have been working to remove enough of the load to refloat the second vessel.

A Transportation Safety Board investigation began March 4. (CFAX)

The Canadian Press