Watch This Woman At An Airport 'Disappear' On Live TV

Where did she go?

It's a viral video clip that has all of us readjusting our eyes — and screens.

During a live report by Danish television network TV 2, a woman behind the interviewee appears to vanish into thin air.

The clip, uploaded to YouTube by late night talk show "Natholdet" (The Night Shift), shows a woman standing by a baggage carousel disappear after another woman with a trolley walks by in front of her. So where did she go?

The man being interviewed is national women's handball head coach Klavs Bruun Jørgensen, and the woman who appears to vanish is handball expert Trine Jensen, the late night show confirmed.

Internet users on Imgur have called the eerie video clip everything from "magic" to "fake" to an example of "time travel." But according to Mashable, there is an explanation for all of this. The clip first went viral after appearing on the Danish late night talk show.

It turns out timing is key and the disappearing woman can actually be seen walking behind the woman with the trolley (you just have to zoom in closely to see this).

Watch the disappearing act yourself in the video above.