03/19/2016 08:36 EDT | Updated 03/21/2016 10:59 EDT

Wilfrid Laurier University Students Help Cops Bust Their Own St. Patrick's Day Party

"Only in Canada."

Twitter/Waterloo Regional Police

Waterloo Regional Police busted a few illegal keg parties near the campus of Wilfrid Laurier University this St. Patrick's Day, but there were no hard feelings.

The cops live-tweeted busts that day, which seemed like the friendliest of all time. One homeowner even helped police remove his kegs, saying he wanted to be "super cooperative." Others smiled and posed for photos with the officers who shut down their party.

The partiers didn't seem all that bothered. As one person pointed out on Twitter, "This is an 'Only in Canada' type of thing."

The Waterloo, Ont. university tried to tamp down festivities for St. Patrick's Day this year. Laurier hired extra security and even locked the doors to certain campus buildings. No festive green merchandise was sold at the school's bookstore either, prompting reports that Laurier had "banned" St. Patrick's Day.