03/21/2016 04:55 EDT | Updated 03/21/2016 05:59 EDT

'LOVE, MAN BUN' Video Proves Man Bun Isn't Just A Hairstyle, It's A Lifestyle

In case you thought the man bun was dead, think again.

Man Bun is very much alive and well, and he's coming to a computer screen near you.

Created by Jack Greystone (a.k.a. a man with one of the most legendary man buns out there), Natalie Rae Robison, Anna Hopkins and Clara Altimas and starring Greystone himself, Man Bun is sharing all the struggles he faces to grow, condition and maintain his topknot, which truly is a work of art, in case you thought otherwise.

The series, which you can preview in the video above, is an attempt to bring Man Bun back to centre stage and to merge "fashion and art and hair together, which hasn't been done before." Man bun isn't just a hairstyle, it's a lifestyle.

"If you think this journey is simply a physical one, think again. Growth takes time, and conditioning takes maintenance," Man Bun says in the beginning of the Robison-directed clip, which shows him working out at the gym and washing those glorious locks in the shower.

man bun shower

"Farmers grow crops, I grow hair. Would I say that I work harder than a farmer? Absolutely," Man Bun laments in the video. He also compares himself to professional athletes, saying "we both have the same drive, same perseverance when it comes to our craft."

love man bun

And clearly, Man Bun has his 'do to thank for his success, both in real-life and social media life.

"A long time ago, no bun, no friends. And now? Bun — half a quarter of a million followers." (Side note: we'd like to thank Man Bun for the HuffPost Canada Style shoutout in the video.)

Watch the video above, and you'll never underestimate Man Bun again.

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