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Alberta Mom's Awkward Rap Attacks Alberta's LGBTQ Guidelines

A "concerned Alberta mother" is protesting Alberta's LGBTQ guidelines for schools in the form of a cringe-worthy rap.

"This is just a fender-bender all over sex and gender, can we pick another issue than to change our bathrooms for a few," the mom, who goes by the name M.H. Wiebe, raps in a YouTube video posted March 8.

"I am a concerned mother of three — keep male and female washrooms where our children can pee."

Her rhymes didn't impress everyone.

She goes on to suggest transgender children are unnatural. And claimed that there are very few — "six, perhaps 13" — transgender kids in the province, adding that she feels the issue of catering to trans children is not worth pursuing.

But her claims don't really hold up.

Some studies suggest as many as one in 200 people are transgender, according to Trans Pulse, an Ontario-based trans research group, which would mean about 20,000 Albertans may identify as transgender.

At the end of the video, Wiebe says her rap is asking parents to "say no to Bill 10," but she might have her facts a bit twisted. Bill 10, which was passed in March 2015, allows students to create gay-straight alliances in schools. It doesn't make specific mention of transgender students or bathrooms at all.

The province's LGBTQ guidelines, on the other hand, is a document released by Alberta Education in January. It addresses the right of transgender students to choose the bathroom they use.

The guidelines address a range of issues, and were intended to help school boards draft policies to help LGBTQ students feel safe and accepted.

'Family Should Know'

Comments on Wiebe's video are disabled, but her message directs viewers to a website titled "Family Should Know."

The site, registered anonymously in February, urges parents to protest the province's guidelines by contacting their MLA, Education Minister David Eggen, Premier Rachel Notley, their child's school and Alberta's official opposition party.

The site suggests the guidelines open school washrooms up to "boys, girls, and adults of any age and sexual orientation" and put children at risk of "sexual violation" — claims that have been disproven within the province's guideline document itself.

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