03/22/2016 12:06 EDT | Updated 03/23/2017 01:12 EDT

Not gaining enough weight: Calgary Zoo monitoring baby gorilla

CALGARY — Officials at the Calgary Zoo are keeping a close eye on a baby gorilla that hasn't been gaining as much weight as it should.

The zoo says it has stepped in once since the birth 13 days ago because the baby appeared to be weak and not thriving.

The gorilla responded well to being fed and given fluids and staff have not had to intervene again.

Zoo officials say that despite concerns, they are pleased at the bonding behaviours between baby and mother.

The two remain with the rest of the gorilla troop where they can feel secure as part of a family unit.

Animal-care workers are being as hands off as possible and both parents have been attentive to the baby.

Veterinarian Dr. Sandie Black says the girl gorilla is getting stronger.

"She is gripping better with her hands, moving her legs more and nursing is more regular," Black said Tuesday. "She's starting to fill out a little bit, (but) she still looks pretty spidery."

Black said the infant's status remains day to day for now.

The zoo is limiting public hours to the gorilla enclosure to restore some routine for mother and baby.