Pet Adoption: 14 Things To Consider Before Bringing Home A New Friend

Because adopting an animal is a commitment.

There's no denying the emotional and physical benefits pets bring to their human companions, but opening up your home to an animal comes with a lot of responsibilities.

In 2013, the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association estimated the cost of owning a dog can be up to $2,601 annually, while cats can cost their owners $1,655 per year.

The impact of adopting a pet means more than a financial commitment. Cats and dogs can live from anywhere between 10 and 20 years, so if you are thinking of adopting one of these furry friends, you have to be thinking long-term.

In the slideshow below, we list 14 additional factors to take into consideration before you adopt an animal. From allergies to your living situation, bringing home a pet will have an impact on these areas of your life.

But with care, planning, and commitment, anyone can make a great pet owner.

Things To Consider Before Adopting A Pet