03/22/2016 12:48 EDT | Updated 03/23/2017 01:12 EDT

Selinger talks green research, defends fiscal plan on Manitoba campaign trail

WINNIPEG — Manitoba NDP Leader Greg Selinger is promising more money for the environment and defending the cost of his election campaign commitments.

Selinger says if he is re-elected premier on April 19, he will increase funding for research into Lake Winnipeg by $500,000.

Selinger says the money would go to groups such as the International Institute for Sustainable Development, which examines ways to protect water quality.

He says the money would be part of a larger, existing program for climate-change research.

The Progressive Conservatives have said Selinger is making commitments that would add to the deficit, such as the $146 million he earmarked earlier this week for recreational facilities and post-secondary education.

Selinger says most of his campaign promises are affordable within the fiscal outlook the government put forward earlier this month.

The Canadian Press