03/22/2016 16:16 EDT | Updated 03/23/2017 01:12 EDT

Some items missing from first Liberal budget

OTTAWA — Some items missing from the Trudeau government's first budget:

— Expanding compassionate care benefits and parental leave benefits under the Employment Insurance system to make them easier to access and more flexible. The budget states the changes will still be made "over the course of the government's mandate."

— The campaign promised $3 billion over four years to deliver better home care. The budget is silent on that score.

— The platform promised $100 million a year to the provinces and territories to support police task forces fighting guns and gangs. The budget only promises to work to develop a strategy for the problem.

— It's mum on any help for cash-strapped Bombardier, although a bailout package has been much discussed in Parliament and remains widely expected. The aerospace giant is seeking $1 billion in federal support.

The Canadian Press