03/23/2016 15:54 EDT | Updated 03/24/2017 01:12 EDT

Cutting-edge prosthetics for feral B.C. kitten showcases future of pet medicine

VANCOUVER — A feral kitten found missing its back legs on a rural property in Langley, B.C., will be fitted with prosthetics in a groundbreaking procedure.

The eight-month-old tabby named Cassidy received Botox injections today at a Vancouver animal hospital in preparation.

The injections were aimed at relaxing the kitten's rear-limb muscles so it can be better fitted for the new prosthetic blades.

Dr. Mike Higgins of Canada West Veterinary Specialists says the procedure involves technology that could advance the options for treating more pets in the future.

The prosthetic blades will be placed on the kitten's deformed limbs during surgery at North Carolina State University.

Shelley Roche, who rescued the kitten, says she believes that Internet broadcasts of the kitten's rehabilitation has been an inspiration to people.


The Canadian Press