03/23/2016 16:35 EDT | Updated 03/24/2017 01:12 EDT

Facts on medical services available for pets

LANGLEY, B.C. — A feral kitten found missing its back legs in Langley, B.C., will be fitted with prosthetics in a groundbreaking procedure at North Carolina State University. Here's a look at some other medical services that are available for pets:

Physiotherapy: Can achieve similar benefits seen in human physical rehabilitation to restore function after surgery or injuries, reduce pain and inflammation or improve general well-being in old age. It can include hydrotherapy (exercises or treadmills in water), gentle stretching and manipulation of limbs (yoga), massage and simple exercises such as stair-stepping to increase strength and balance.

Dental care: Dog and cat owners are urged to brush Fido and Fluffy's teeth regularly. That's not always easy, so veterinarians specializing in animal dentistry can provide dental cleanings, extractions, root canals, crowns and cavity repairs.

Radiation therapy: Uses complex equipment to shrink or destroy cancerous cells. Usually administered over a number of weeks, depending on the size and nature of the tumour.

Major surgeries: Some of the same operations performed on people can be performed on animals, including pacemaker implants, gastrointestinal surgeries and kidney transplants.

Diabetes treatment: Insulin injections administered by owners are considered the benchmark therapy. The treatment involves careful monitoring of insulin levels, diet and exercise. In-clinic procedures can include ongoing laboratory tests to measure blood glucose levels and liver enzymes. Complications require immediate veterinary care.


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