So You Want To Move To Canada, Eh? Here's Why You Shouldn't

We know, we know, we're great.

We're the country of delicious food, clean air and beautiful landscapes, and according to Google, the search for "how to move to Canada," spiked more than 350 per cent from our neighbours in the U.S. after "Super Tuesday."

On a recent episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the 58-year-old daytime host spoke to one Canadian about how Canucks really feel about the idea of Americans coming over.

Proud Canadian Guy LeBlueBlah (seriously, it doesn't get any more legit than this) of the real Canadian Bureau of Immigration told DeGeneres while he understands the U.S. is currently experiencing political discourse, we Canadians want nothing to do with it.

And if you want to know what our "non-bananas' Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has to say about all of this, during a global town hall hosted by The Huffington Post Canada in March, Trudeau simply said, "Cape Breton is lovely all times of the year."

Watch the hilarious clip above.

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