03/23/2016 04:00 EDT | Updated 03/24/2017 01:12 EDT

Manitoba election campaign sees health care and environmental promises made

WINNIPEG — The governing NDP says it will spend more money on environmental research while the Opposition Conservative party says it will spend more on health care.

Those were the campaign promises on Tuesday in the campaign for the April 19 Manitoba election.

NDP Leader Greg Selinger says if he is re-elected premier on April 19, he'll bump up funding for research into Lake Winnipeg by half a million dollars.

He says it's important for the fishery industry and for people who use the lake for recreation.

Tory Leader Brian Pallister says he would find ways to keep more doctors from leaving the province and establish a new doctor recruitment program that would include experts in hiring foreign physicians.

Pallister also says he would also promote hometown doctors through education in local communities and do exit interviews with departing physicians to understand their reasons for leaving.


The Canadian Press