03/23/2016 17:08 EDT | Updated 03/24/2017 01:12 EDT

Ontario Energy Board approves natural gas rate changes

TORONTO — The Ontario Energy Board has approved new rates for several natural gas companies and while some customers will see their bills rise, the changes will mean cheaper home heating for others.

New rates for Enbridge mean average residential customers will be paying $23 more a year.

Enbridge says that while natural gas prices have decreased in North America, the cost adjustment charge — which is the difference between the company's forecasts and actual costs from previous periods — has increased.

New rates for Union Gas mean that typical residential customers in eastern and northern Ontario will see bills decrease about $36 a year, but customers in southern Ontario will see an average increase of $16 a year.

Typical Natural Resource Gas customers will pay $74 less per year.

The changes go into effect April 1.

The Canadian Press