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'Big Brother Canada' Season 4 Week 4 Recap: Fake Double Eviction

We've never seen a twist like this before.

**NOTE: This recap contains spoilers for "Big Brother Canada" season 4.

"Big Brother Canada" decided to try something new this week, confusing both fans and houseguests.

Last Thursday, fans watching the live feed learned Joel Lefevre won the title of week four HOH, but what we didn't know was that the 33-year-old actor had an agreement with Mitchell Moffit, ensuring he would get the HOH suite if the two came out on top.

While one might suspect Lefevre was given the title so he could get a much needed letter from home, it seems as though Moffit orchestrated the arrangement so he could keep flying under the radar and making strategic plays — seriously he's got the best gameplay we've seen thus far!

But Lefevre's no push over either, the Edmonton native made the first major play of the season, putting both of alpha male Jared Kessler's alliance members, Kelsey Faith and Raul Manriquez, on the block.

When the two failed to win POV, despite Manriquez drawing Kessler's name as an competitor who could have saved one of them from eviction, Dallas Cormier donned the POV necklace for a second week in a row. And despite saying he would use it to backdoor Kessler, he once again opted not to use the power leaving another set of besties on the block.

While Faith and Manriquez chose not to campaign against each other, the other houseguests did so in Manriquez's favour. Resulting in the eight to two vote to evict Faith.

But remember, we were warned about a "fake double eviction." So, as the blond beauty exited the BBCAN Grand, host Arisa Cox revealed to the 25-year-old flight attendant she was another wildcard and she wasn't leaving the house just yet.

What she didn't tell her was that she will be staying in a secret room in the house (most likely the old "War Room" from season two) with the second "evicted" houseguest for an entire week. And fans will be able to watch the pair on a separate live feed, making us very grateful that Kessler was pulled off the block by the brother's who won the flash POV.

As a replacement, flash HOH Maddy Pavle put up two-time HOH winner Loveita Adams who ended up getting evicted in a seven to two vote. While we're sure Faith is happy her bestie Manriquez managed to survive the block for a second time, we're pretty sure she would have appreciated his company a lot more than Adams who has been her enemy since week one.

After Adams' eviction, Faith was brought back on stage and Cox revealed the secret room twist to the pair. Not only are the two staying in a pretty cushy suite, they'll be able to hear the other houseguests and even impact the game from their humble abode.

At the end of the week, only one will be allowed back into the house and we're guessing Canada will probably have a say in who gets that honour.

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