03/25/2016 02:36 EDT | Updated 03/25/2016 02:59 EDT

Americans Who Begged Trudeau To Run For President Are Professional Comedians

They're the U.S. election's most notorious trolls.

We've been duped!

The New Yorkers caught last week begging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to run for American President are actually "guerilla comedians" who employ "an extreme form of subversive satire."

Videos of their interaction with Trudeau originally surfaced on Twitter, and it actually happened during his interview with Vox, which came out Friday. In the interview, Trudeau talks about his role models (his mother Margaret), who keeps his feminism in check (his wife Sophie), and even poses for a Ryan Gosling-style meme (Hey girl, I might control the Mounties but I'll never control your uterus).

They're the same pranksters who are responsible for a string of stunts at campaign events in the United States, Mediaite reported Friday.

They're called "The Good Liars" and they've made a name for themselves this election cycle, leaving no candidate untrolled. They showed up at a Hillary Clinton event in t-shirts that read, "Settle for Hillary," and interrupted a Marco Rubio rally by screaming, "Marco Rubio is trying to steal my girlfriend." Thanks to these two, Fox even ran a segment about Trump supporters wearing Nazi-style armbands.

In an interview, the two said they normally target big corporations and political groups. "We outwardly say the things they're saying to one another behind closed doors," explains Davram Stiefler. His partner Jason Selvig says their style of comedy is what would result "if The Yes Men had sex with Borat and had twins."

h/t Mediaite

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