03/27/2016 02:46 EDT | Updated 03/27/2016 03:59 EDT

Pakistan Blast: Facebook Accidentally Sends Safety Checks To People Far From Lahore

After a deadly bomb blast killed more than 65 people at a public park in Lahore, Pakistan, Facebook accidentally sent safety checks to people far away from the blast.

The location-based feature sends a notification to Facebook users who may be near a natural disaster, asking them if they want to let family and friends know if they're safe.

However, it accidentally sent the notifications to people all over the world, who wouldn't be anywhere near Pakistan.

facebook safety check pakistan

facebook safety check Facebook users in Canada received safety check notifications on the mobile app and via SMS. (Screenshots)

Many tweeted to Facebook that they were not in Pakistan.

Others pointed out that the safety check actually made people aware a bombing had occurred.

In an email to Gawker, Facebook said they had activated the safety check in Lahore.

"We apologize to anyone who mistakenly received a notification outside of Pakistan and are working to resolve the issue."

The feature was activated after the Brussels attacks earlier this month.

Facebook was criticized for not implementing the safety check after a bombing in Beirut, Lebanon, but doing so for attacks in Paris the day after.

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