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Old Spice Deodorant Facing Lawsuit For Causing Chemical Burns

A class-action lawsuit has been filed.

WARNING:The following post contains graphic images.

Hello, ladies, look at your man, now back to me, now back at your man, now back to me. Sadly, he isn’t the Old Spice guy. And that might be a good thing...

In today's edition of "this is horrific," Procter & Gamble is being sued for more than US$5 million after multiple men came forward to reveal severe rashes and chemical burns on their bodies after using Old Spice products.

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According to the Indianapolis Star, the lawsuit claims 13 Old Spice products (including Old Spice Lionpride and Arctic Force High Endurance deodorants) have affected "hundreds, if not thousands, of consumers" around the United States. Several online complaints have been filed, including from Rodney Colley, the lead plaintiff in the case, according to BuzzFeed.

"I got out of the shower on Monday morning and it felt like my armpit was on fire," Colley told Independent Journal Review. "So I looked in the mirror, and sure enough the skin around it started scabbing."

Women's Wear Daily reports Colley is personally seeking $25,000 in damages.

"Indeed, the problem is rampant, and rather than acknowledge the serious issue, Defendant is concealing it, in order to continue selling the product and reap windfall profits," the lawsuit states, according to the Indianapolis Star.

However, Procter & Gamble is fighting back, saying the products are safe to use.

“First and foremost, we’re 100 per cent confident Old Spice is safe to use,” Spokesperson Damon Jones told Buzzfeed. “Tens of millions of guys use our products safely and without incident every year.”

Jones also told the site the burning sensation is due to alcohol sensitivity, rather than "chemical burns."

“They are essentially skin reactions some people have that can be caused by a broad variety of factors or ingredients,” he said.

However, Old Spice has a satisfaction rating of one out of five on Consumer Affairs, with many customers complaining of deodorant burns.

And now we're guessing this isn't the man your man wishes he could smell like:

Almost a year & a half later and they're still tender. Old spice cannot keep getting away with this!

Posted by Old Spice Consumer Reports on Monday, 28 December 2015

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