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New Infographic Shows Best Hair Colour For Your Skin Tone

Your questions, answered.

Hey, spring. Welcome back. We're excited to see you again! So excited, we'll probably dye our hair a new colour to celebrate the sunshine and warmth you're about to bring.

But the issue is this: finding the right hair colour to match our skin tone.

We've all faced this dilemma when it comes to changing up our locks. How do we know which colour will best suit the colouring of our skin?

Let the following infographic from guide you:

If you have a fair complexion with pink undertones (think Megan Fox or Angelina Jolie), "winter" shades are for you. Match a white platinum blond or jet black colour to your emerald green, dark blue or dark brown eyes and steer clear from changing up your locks to a golden or caramel blond.


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If you have have a fair complexion with yellow undertones and relatively light eyes, then colours like ashy blond or brunette (stay away from those orange bases, however) will work best for you, just like it has worked for Taylor Swift and Amanda Seyfried.

All happy cause I got a new dress and also because Shanghai crowds are insane.

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For olive skin tones that easily glow (looking at you, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston), embrace honey and copper highlights, along with rich auburns. Trust us, the colour will go great with your hazel eyes.

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And last but not least, for more bronzed complexions like Kate Hudson's, opt for 'dos with yellow and orange bases (read: caramel browns and butter platinums). These colours also work for naturally darker complexions with golden undertones, like Beyoncé's.

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Even though this infographic does not mention darker skin tones, we want to highlight the hair colours that we think would best suit women of colour

Jasmine Merinsky, a New Talent stylist at Brennen Demelo Studio in Toronto, tells HuffPost Canada Style either a "jet black" or high contrast "platinum blond" would look stunning on darker skin with warmer undertones, like Lupita Nyong'o's.

As for Mindy Kaling, Merinsky says, "A softer brown or black with some bronzy toned highlights or blond balayage highlights," would best suit her golden undertone.

And for deeper-based complexions, like Alek Wek, a dark espresso or raw terracotta colour would work beautifully, Merinsky says.

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