03/29/2016 11:03 EDT | Updated 03/30/2016 10:59 EDT

John MaGuire, Drunk American Airlines Co-Pilot, Charged After Dramatic Arrest

An American Airlines co-pilot arrested for failing a breathalyzer test has been charged.

John MaGuire, 50, was handcuffed on the tarmac of the Detroit Metropolitan Airport on Saturday morning, after a Transportation Security Agent noticed he was acting strangely. Police were called minutes before the flight was supposed to leave for Philadelphia.

Airport police said MaGuire failed two sobriety tests.

He is now charged with operating an aircraft under the influence, according to CNN.

According to U.S. aviation regulations, pilots are not allowed to have a blood alcohol level higher than 0.04% when operating a plane, and cannot consume alcohol less than 8 hours before takeoff.

The blood alcohol limit for pilots is half of what the driving limit is in most states.

American Airlines said the flight was cancelled, and passengers were put on other flights, according to ABC News.

when your pilot gets drunk, your flight gets cancelled, and you've been up since 2am #sprangbreak

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