03/29/2016 02:18 EDT | Updated 03/29/2016 02:59 EDT

Teen Dead After Falling Into Water At Lynn Canyon Bridge


VANCOUVER — Mounties in North Vancouver, B.C., say a young man is dead after an accident near a popular suspension bridge.

RCMP Sgt. Doug Trousdell says police, firefighters and paramedics received calls late Monday afternoon about a young man clinging to rocks above a pool of water near the Lynn Canyon bridge.

He says people on the bridge could see the man who was hanging off the cliff face.

Rescuers responded but before they could move into place, Trousdell says the young man fell, hitting the rocks before entering the water.

Trousdell says the body had been submerged for about an hour when rescuers determine it was too difficult to access the location.

On Tuesday, crews tried to recover the body but high water levels made it impossible, said RCMP Sgt. Doug Brecknell in a release.

Last summer, fire crews had to make five rescues in just one day after a spree of cliff jumping incidents gone wrong.