03/29/2016 12:15 EDT | Updated 03/29/2016 12:59 EDT

Toronto Woman's Hilarious First Date Poop Story Goes Incredibly Viral

A Toronto woman's now-viral poop story is one poop story you'll never be able to flush out your memory.

Makela, a 19-year-old Twitter user by the name of @_blotty, went to epic lengths to describe a first date where she was forced to wrap her poop in toilet paper and put it in her purse. Documenting the whole saga on Twitter, she said she had to make the "hard decision" when her date's toilet didn't work.

And while people are either grossed out or laughing hysterically, it really makes us all wonder, what would you have done in her situation?

“I don't think I realized what I was doing was completely insane until I put it in my purse and I sat down (on his couch) and he called me beautiful," she told the Toronto Star.

The 18-part story, starts with Makela talking about going to her date's place and because she was a "confident, calm and self-assured woman," pooping in his bathroom wasn't an issue.

At one point, she even texted her sister for advice.

And while pooping and farting is natural for both men and women, there's been much back and forth as to when you should feel comfortable taking a poop in your partner's home, Bustle notes. And as tempting as it may be to hold it, especially on a first date, let's all get one thing clear: your significant other knows you poop.

To read Makela's full story, piece-by-piece, check it out on Twitter here.

So what happened to the poop in her bag? Watch the full video above to find out.


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