03/30/2016 16:02 EDT | Updated 03/31/2017 01:12 EDT

Calgary woman who faked cancer to steal $20K from co-workers sentenced to 60 days

CALGARY — A Calgary woman who pretended she had cancer and bilked friends and co-workers out of thousands of dollars has been found guilty of fraud.

Lana Rovang has been sentenced a 60-day sentence to be served on weekends for defrauding people out of $20,000 between December 2012 and June 2013.

Rovang told people and co-workers at a daycare that she had stage 4 cancer, along with a heart condition and presented a fake doctor's note.

All 12 employees of the daycare shaved their heads to raise money for Rovang, who was first charged in January 2014 after a lengthy investigation.

Rovang did not comment as she left the courtroom.

Co-owner Marc St-Germain said after the ruling that he was satisfied and hoped Rovang gets help.

Jennifer St-Germain, who also owns the daycare, said they haven't heard an apology from Rovang.

“We never got to see the remorse, our families and the victims,” she said.

“The community that was affected is not a big corporation, it’s not a car dealership, it is families and children and she worked directly with these people's children, she earned the trust of these families and these children and she taught a generation of children to not be charitable.”