03/30/2016 15:06 EDT | Updated 03/31/2017 01:12 EDT

Flights cancelled in Regina and Yellowknife because of Pavlof volcano in Alaska

VANCOUVER — More flights have been cancelled after a cloud of ash spewed from a volcano on the Alaska Peninsula.

WestJet spokeswoman Lauren Stewart says the airline cancelled three flights from Regina this morning and three flights out of the city Tuesday night after the Pavlof Volcano erupted Sunday.

She says customers should check the status of their flight before leaving for the airport.

First Air issued a travel advisory saying two flights to and from Yellowknife had been cancelled and 12 flights, including one to Edmonton, had been rescheduled.

Geologist Chris Waythomas of the Alaska Volcano Observatory says there hasn't been any steady ash emission for the last 24 hours and nothing in satellite images indicates any problems but it's up to airlines to decide whether to fly.

Waythomas says volcanic ash can melt and adhere to a jet's turbine blades and stop engines.


The Canadian Press