03/30/2016 12:21 EDT | Updated 03/30/2016 12:59 EDT

'Real Housewives Of Vancouver' Star Mary Zilba Really Wants Uber

"On a cold and rainy night, I hailed a cab and it pulled out of sight."

If Vancouverites finally get to enjoy the sedentary pleasure of Uber, they may have a band of slow-jamming musicians and a Real Housewives of Vancouver star to thank.

That’s right, world. Mary Zilba of niche Canadian West Coast reality TV fame is back. And she’s crooning about ride sharing.

In a video of a practice session uploaded to YouTube Tuesday, the former RHOV joins fellow musicians Rosemary Siemens, Eli Bennett and Jessee Sukkau to make their case for the city to welcome the popular service.

“On a cold and rainy night, I hailed a cab and it pulled out of sight,” sings Zilba, evoking the imagery of heartbreaking carless scenarios locals know to be true and universal.

“Now I feel all alone,” Siemens follows, “Will someone stop, and please take me home.” It peaks with everyone singing the chorus “If we hailed a cab, we would feel so sad.”

(Watch the video here.)

The cleverly named “#VancoUBER” song was performed at an event in the city, according to the video’s description. “We have sung this Uber love song for uber drivers, interviewed tax and uber drivers in cities all over the world in our travels,” it read.

One person’s small talk with cab drivers is another person’s interview, it seems. But despite the funny optics of the video, it strikes at a simmering issue that’s been gnawing away at both municipal and provincial levels of office.

“Will someone stop, and please take me home.”

According to a report released last month, Vancouver has the lowest number of taxis per capita among Canadian cities.

“High fare prices, poor customer service and long wait times have led to the growing public demand for new passenger transportation alternatives,” the Board of Trade report read.

So there’s some food for thought for those wet days standing in the Vancouver rain, waving fruitlessly to seemingly empty cabs, praying for the rain will let up before the next driver ignores you.

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