03/30/2016 12:42 EDT | Updated 03/30/2016 12:59 EDT

Polar Vortex To Hit Eastern, Central Canada With Colder Temperatures

Yes, there might be snow in April.

Remember the polar vortex?

If you're in Eastern and Central Canada, brace yourself, because winter is coming back (kind of).

Many Canadians enjoyed a milder-than-normal winter, thanks to a strong El Nino, the warm-weather phenomenon.

But CBC meteorologist Jay Scotland said thanks to a polar vortex, colder, below-freezing temperatures are on the way for some parts of Canada — some as low as 10 degrees below the seasonal average.

According to The Weather Network, a polar vortex is a large area of cold air and low pressure that spreads across Earth's poles. The "vortex" rotates in a flow of air that keeps cooler air near the poles.

A commuter walks to the subway bundled up due to low temperatures caused by a Polar Vortex in New York in 2014. (Photo: Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

Meteorologist Doug Gillham said the final days of March will feel more like April.

"But by the time we get into April, it will feel more like March, even February," he said.

And yes, there might be snow.

Below-seasonal temperatures will spread from the Prairies to the Maritimes, with snow squalls hitting the Great Lakes, he said.

Brace yourselves, Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario

Environment Canada has also posted weather warnings for Newfoundland, Quebec, and Ontario.

In Newfoundland, strong winds of up to 100 km/h are expected, but should die down by Wednesday afternoon.

Wind warnings are issued when strong gusts may cause damage. Environment Canada says high winds in Newfoundland may blow loose objects around, break tree branches, or damage buildings.

Rainfall warnings have been issued for Quebec and parts of Ontario. Residents could see between 25 and 50 millimetres of rain in the next 24 hours, and the ground may not be able to absorb it all.

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